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Do not use any third-party or macro software. This includes auto-teleport scripts, auto-feeders, auto-farming scripts, auto-clicking etc. Players found using such things to automatize tasks will be permanently banned.

Do not modify your game files. Any modification that gives you an unfair advantage is not allowed (ex: altering sprites for skill delays, etc). The exception to this rule is cosmetic changes.

Do not use autopilot softwares.

Do not advertise other servers.

You will be permanently banned. Talking about official servers is an exception to this rule.

Punishments are subject to the staff's discretion. Any form of questioning after the staff has come to a resolution from either the sanctioned or a third party can result to punishment.

Insulting, racism, sexism, discrimination, excessive swearing or any other offending comments can result in punishment. This applies in all chats, including #main.

Do not use inappropriate names for your character. The same applies for your guild and its emblem, forum and discord.

Do not beg for items or zeny from GMs.

Do not make statements for the GMs.This means you are not allowed to misinform players and pretend a GM said something.

Do not trade or send friend requests on PvP and WoE maps. You can use @noask or /notrade to prevent being harassed like this.

Do not prevent players from entering a castle during WoE. This includes Bloody Branches at the entrance, Warp Portals, Ice Walls, etc.

Your guild must have an unique emblem to participate in WoE.

Lending items to other players is at your own risk. The GM team will not refund items lost in such cases.

Any item disappearing due to your own actions is not refundable, only exception to this is if items disappeared due to a bug.

Any item/skill can and will be subjected to a nerf if deemed needed. Might not be discussed or given a prior notice to it. However it will be mentioned in patch notes along with it's change.

Do not spread baseless accusations against Game Masters.

• If you suspect that a GM is using his or her power beyond their designated purposes, please file a complaint with supporting evidences to Eula.

• All complaints and replies will be made public.

• Any accusations of GM power abuse distributed outside of the Accountability sub-forum will result in account suspension.

Any chargebacks on Cash Point purchases via Paypal, Bank Transfer will result in account suspension.

If you wish to return your account to good standing, you must cancel the chargeback if the case has not yet been decided, or re-send the original payment for the Cash Points you received.